Live bets on cryptocurrency during the match in the USA

The strong volatility of the entire US cryptocurrency market and its main representative, Bitcoin, has led to the fact that the digital coin has come to the attention of bookmakers. Like many other random events, the future rate of this asset has become an event on which to bet. But where and how can you live bet on Bitcoin? We will try to figure this out in the course of this article.

Bitcoin rate betting is not exchange trading

If your main goal is to make a profit based on buying Bitcoin at one price and then selling it at another, perhaps you should register on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. It is quite easy to do this now. You can buy an asset literally for $ 50-100 and sell it as soon as it rises in price by 10-20%. The volatility of the BTC cryptocurrency allows such schemes to be implemented every few days or weeks.

We’re talking about a fundamentally different way to make money on cryptocurrency – betting on bookmaker sites. Usually such sites accept bets on sports, but the difficulty of predicting Bitcoin price trends has done its job. Now, depositing 200-300 or even a thousand rubles on the site for bets and doubling this amount in a few hours thanks to the rise in price or reduction in the price of cryptocurrency is as easy as shelling pears.

This option of using bookmakers is very promising for those who like gambling and betting. After all, the same interesting sports matches do not take place so often. But the movement of the course is an ongoing process that can be studied constantly. And such a study can give good results thanks to the positive results of the bets.

How transfers are made in bitcoins live bets

If you have ever used electronic payment systems like WebMoney or QIWI, it will not be much more difficult to replenish an account in a bookmaker’s office with bitcoins:

  • Open a bitcoin wallet. Go to, go to the “Resources” page and find “Wallets” – there will be a list of sites, applications, and even devices on which you can store bitcoins. Choose which one you like best and open the wallet following simple instructions (usually all you need to do is press the forward buttons and save the access keys);
  • Buy or exchange bitcoin. If you have a friend with bitcoins, send him the wallet number, and in return, repay in cash or just say thank you.
  • If you don’t have a friend, go to, select a country (not necessarily your own) and the way you want to buy coins – the service will offer several suitable exchangers,
  • list their advantages and disadvantages, and you can also read more detailed tips on using bitcoin there. Please note: many exchanges require you to provide personal data, look at “Privacy”.

Go to the site of an exchanger and register, again following simple instructions – exchanges know that they are used by a huge number of people who are not versed in cryptocurrency, so they try to explain everything very clearly. Decide how many coins you want to receive, choose a payment method and enter your wallet number – bitcoins will come there;

Register with a bookmaker and fund your account. In your personal account, select bitcoin as a payment method – you should be shown a wallet number created specifically for your account. Go to the site or application where the bitcoins received from the exchange are stored and transfer money to this wallet. Now you can place your bets!

Which bookmakers accept bets on the Bitcoin exchange rate in the USA?

At the moment, we have found a line of bets on bitcoin within the betting exchange in the Financial Betting section. The picture shows that here you can bet on the price of BTC by the end of the year, on the fall of BTC to $ 1000, on the price of bitcoin in the coming month. There is a bet that by 2020 the price of BTC will rise above $ 50,000.

Live bets on cryptocurrency during the match in the USA

Many bookmakers that accept bitcoin have the main feature – that they can bet on sports in cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, many are like that: after they write about their dishonest work somewhere, they close, change the name and start again.

We have selected the most trusted bookmakers, but since they do not have a Russian license, they are prohibited in the country. If you are going to play them, remember: you do it at your own peril and risk. If you have problems with the account or payments, it may so happen that you will never solve them again.